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Picture of AVG PC TuneUp
اسم البرنامج: AVG Tune Up المنتج كود رقمي كـمثال ( AAAAX-AAAAX-SSSXX-DDDDX) لـ جهاز واحد فقط الاشتراك لـسنة كاملة ( 12 شهراً) التحميل والتنشيط من الموقع الرسمي يتم ربطه بـ حسابكم الشخصي
Picture of Internet Download Manger
Internet Download Manager برنامج لتحميل الملفات
Picture of Windows Server  2012 R2
Picture of Full maintenance service for the PC
This service is based on maintenance work for the software, not the hardware, where the specialist performs the maintenance of the device and cleans it from all problems and install the necessary programs such as the maintenance program AVG Tune Up and the McAfee internet security protection program and do the necessary maintenance It is preferable to provide headphones and Mike on the connection so that the employee can communicate with you and you should see the conditions and service agreements found at the bottom of the site
Picture of VmWare Workstation Pro 15
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