May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you .... These are some questions and the answer to it:

1- Are all existing programs original or are there malicious programs?
C. All of the programs we have are original programs and we do not sell duplicate programs

2- I do not have a Visa card, can I pay by transfer to your account or by using the Mada Debit Card?
C. Yes, you can transfer to one of our accounts located in the payment methods by choosing to transfer to the account or pay using the Mada card by choosing the payment method using paypal and then choosing the Debit Or Credit Card button and then the card information will appear for you just enter the card information.

3. Are your payment methods safe and will not be stolen.
C. All of our payment methods are secure on the site, and the proof of this is that there is a lock icon at the top of the browser as it is the symbol that appears only for secure sites, and we also deal with payment methods on the Paypal website and this site is known for its protection and confidentiality.

4. I am from outside Saudi Arabia, how can I transfer to your bank account where I have a Visa card?
A. Whether you are from inside or outside Saudi Arabia, you can transfer to one of our accounts through your bank. After the transfer, a copy of the receipt is sent to the payment department's mail payment@lamha.net.sa and after confirmation your order will be completed.

5. If I purchased an original program from you and after the experiment the program was not activated, how can I communicate with you.
A. After purchase, the program link will be sent with its serial. If the same copy is not in the serial, please contact us by chatting on the main screen or send a message to the official mail of the Technical Support Department support@lamha.net.sa
So that the relevant department can solve the problem.

6. The device has malfunctions and does not work. Can I request technical support service remotely?
A. The device must be operational, as well as a net available for it, so technical support can contact your device through one of the programs that connect remotely, but if the device is broken and does not work, you can request the service and explain the problem in the box describing the problem and the specialist will contact you and after that a cost will be calculated Service If the cost is and does not require additional parts, it will be performed free of charge. If it requires time or additional pieces, the cost of cutting and service will be calculated. After payment, the specialist will perform the service.

7. Can I request other services remotely not in the store or request the service from the specialist during work.
C. Yes you can, my beloved brother, to request any service that is not in the store by chatting on the main page or by sending a message to the technical support department support@lamha.net.sa and then you will be contacted with you and set an appointment to implement the service or even you can request the service Additional from the specialist during work and after the specialist will create an invoice for the cost of the service provided.

8. I have a problem with my mobile phone, so are your services only for office equipment?
C.Technical services are not specific to office equipment, there are general services such as technical support services and there are services for office equipment such as full maintenance service If you want to fix the problem, you can request technical support service and specify the type of mobile and describe the problem and the specialist will contact you and set an appointment to solve the problem in the mobile By connecting to your device through one of the remote control software.

9. My mobile does not work and needs programming via the desktop device. Do you have the possibility to fix the problem?
A. After requesting the service and communicating with you if the problem is solved by mobile programming, you must have a computer and a mobile cable in order for the specialist to enter your device and install the special program and mobile programming.

10. I need to install a piece on my device. Do you have the possibility to install a piece?
C. All of our remote services are currently only private for the device and parts cannot be installed, but you can request the special piece through the service request service to find a program or communicate with us through chat so that we can help you and for the installation of mobile parts we do not currently have a possibility in that but in the future these will be available The possibility, God willing.

11. There are some programs that only work with a monthly subscription, but you have for life, is this true?
A: Yes, some programs such as Adobe programs or Office 365 program do not work except with a monthly subscription, but there are some companies that have an annual subscription with the company such as Adobe or Microsoft and they sell some of the subscription for life like Office 365 is originally a subscription to one of the large companies, but this company has By selling some of its own accounts to clients, such as the one we have so you cannot change the email because it is specific to the company, but you can change the password in it. For Adobe programs, there is a reduced annual subscription for those who want the complete package on this Adobe group, and there are detailed programs without a subscription in the design programs section.

12. I installed a card to my desktop, but I do not have the driver or I do not know how to install it, so can you.
A: Yes, we can do that by requesting the service by chat or requesting the service to install device definitions. After requesting the service, the specialist will create the cost bill and make an appointment with you to install the definition in the device.

13. I am an owner / representative of an organization and we have administrative programs and systems, so can I display them in the store?
A: Welcome, my dear brother, in our store. Yes, you can view it in the store by sending a message to the email info@lamha.net.sa. After approval, an account will be added to you in the store and the account data will be sent to enter. As for the payment methods, you will either have a transfer on your bank account or an account. Paypal but you must adhere to the terms and agreements found in the store.

14. I am a programmer and developer of programs and applications. Can I show you my programs or work with you?
A: If you are a programmer or designer and you do not have an organization, we apologize for not being able to create an account for you to view the programs currently, but you can contact us at the developer email@lamha.net.sa or contact us through the chat in the store.

15. I am neither a designer nor a programmer, but I have experience in maintaining mobile phones or office equipment. Can I work with you on remote services and I am from my home?
A: Welcome, my beloved brother. Yes, you can, my beloved brother, by contacting us at the technical support email support@lamha.net.sa at the site or chatting at the beginning of the site.

16. I have some inquiries but I did not find them here so how can I communicate with you.
C. If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, or complaints, you can contact us at the technical support mail or chat located at the beginning of the store and we will soon create a special forum in the store to answer all inquiries.

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